Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Diina Horo's 2x B-day at Trail 4

Words and Pics By: S. Thomas

The other day I get a text from Darren Eudaly Saying, “Diina’s B day tomorrow. Trail 4 at 12:30. Bring your board and a good time. See you there.” So my friend Thomas, a.k.a “Happy Tom” from Turbonegro and his Girl Cecilie and I hike down this long dirt trail to do some surfing and B-Day celebrating with Diina, Darren and friends. I grabbed my camera and my 70 to 300 cheapo Canon lens (that I dropped on the ground a ways back) because I knew there would be some serious longboard stunt riding. The surf was overhead but bumpy and the fog just wouldn’t bounce out. However I was right, some serious longboarding went down on the day Miss Diina was born. Zak Fritz came down and displayed style and grace while Steve Newton and Darren Eudaly were all over the place on full battle-axe attack ,along with birthday girl and shred lady of the sea Diina Horo and friend and ripper Stephanie Vigiano. Here’s what I got.

Diina Horo the Birthday girl.

It was Gloomy at the beach but the water was super warm so what ever.

Click to See Steve Newtons 1,2,3

Steve Newton's Round the way

Stephanie Vigiano,I can’t believe this girls not sponsored.

Darren Eudaly with a smooth back side top turn on a bumpy wave.

Like i said Darren was ever where. Back Hand KA-BAM!!!!

Steve Newton, text book back hand banger

Steve Newton has a good driving bottom turn.

Darren Eudaly always game to run a train.

Diina Horo, white wash roller coaster

Diina Horo, cutty at the Trail 4 cuts

If you Surf and you live by the beach you almost have to spend the day surfing on you birthday

Thomas Seltzer A.K.A. "Happy Tom" from Turbonegro came down and caught a few bumpy ones with eveyone.

Mr.Zak Fritz

I don't get to surf with Zak Fritz much but I always enjoy surfing with him when I do.

Diina's Lady friends.

Zak Fritz smooth and silent through the bump.


Stephanie Vigiano said...

Great job Steve! Love the blog!

Anonymous said...

you know I never knew Tom was a surfer! that is so awesome! thank you for this blog! ~Mark (From Princess Painkiller)