Thursday, September 30, 2010

Travis Edwards Just Another Broke Ass LBer Who Shreds

Travis Edwards No Longboards.
Photo: S. Thomas

Interview By: Timothy Varner
Photos: By: Steve Thomas

Nride asked Tim Varner to interview his BFF, Travis Edwards aka "T21". Nride wanted to know what the deal is with this underdog ripper. Travis gives Nride some insight on his perspective on Longboarding, Who his dream Longboard pro girl is. also he shares some open minded experiences Thailand and admits that he has a problem with down loading applications. Good for you Travis. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem . Nride has your back!!!!

TV: First off give me the sats: name, age, height, weight, day job, night job, sexual orientation, SSN, sponsors.

I know my name is Travis Edwards aka "T21"

5'8" on a good day.

130 pounds.

Ladies girls women senoritas.

Lightning Bolt sends me the coolest retro clothes but I don’t know if I'm team, gotta ask Paskowitz. Hopefully Jed Noll Surfboards can be added to this list.

Travis Edwards bottom turn on the blue
Photo: S. Thomas

TV: Well lets hope they get the hint and start sending you more stuff, We all now your a hot commodity right now. By the way I’m an XL in shirts and 36 in shorts just in case you were wondering. So any companies looking to get to Travis Edward's I am the deciding factor. What was the story behind your first Longboard?

TE:So back in '08 my dad's father, George, told me he had a surfboard for me that he found in a dumpster. I was a little skeptical but it ended up being this sweet beater board that was shaped by Dano, I think. I guess it was a premature dumpster diver for Longboards.

TV: You have only been Longboardsing for two years that's crazy!!I remember that board it was the sorriest excuse for a Longboard but you still managed to Noseride the hell outta that thing.So how does a valley kook like you end up being a full time Longboard shredder? This where you can get super corny with no shame.

TE: My registered address and where I grew up is Temecula. Yep the town with the Indian casino. I currently attend Cal State Fullerton and Saddleback College so I'm out here for educational purposes but it somehow ends up more as surfing purposes. My aunts a professor at Saddleback and she very kindly lets me stay with her. Without her I wouldn't be up on the Interweb with you right now.

Travis all lock knee Knosted out on the nose
Photo: S. Thomas

TV: Man you came from the town were those Metal Mulisha Hounds From Hell are from. Those dudes are heavy. Julie Bright has got to be the coolest aunt out there! Would you say your more a turn man or a nose picker? explain.

TE: I used to Shortboard so I think I got turns outta my system early. I try to keep it 50/50 but I keep my nose pretty dang clean. I'd blow any turn section for a ten probably.

TV: Noseriding is definitely a trip, and your dam good at it no doubt. Who do you look for inspiration when it comes to surfing style?

TE: No one trips me out more than Tommy Witt. The guy is Gumbi on a surfboard. We were in a contest last year and people told me after the heat that Tommy got shacked fins first going switch or something ridiculous like that. How do you compete with that?

TV: Yeah that guy is just plain nuts, not a bad guy to look up to. What absolutely bothers you about the sport of Longboarding? Don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings we got your back.

TE: I'll refrain from naming names but mainly those super loggy too cool for school guys. I feel like your surfing should do more of the talking then your hip board and one-of-a-kind wetsuit. Idk, I mean honestly Longboarding is kinda lame compared to shortbarding. Those guys are finally getting back-flips dialed and we have a small percentage that can barely do airs. You can't be some super shredder if can only ride a 10'4" log. Longboarding's fun factor is way higher than Shortboarding's and our crowds are so much less aggressive in comparison.

T21 back hand punsher
Photo: S. Thomas

TV: Well in true Nride style I’m going to take the low road, The point hipsters really grind my gears too. If there could be a type of surfer that was a “tool” they would be the epitome. What do you want to see Longboarding become in your life time? Or are you just satisfied?

TE: I think we have a lot of work to do. Skating, Snowboarding, and Shortboarding all seem to be at par, in the "extreme maneuver" scale. The stuff those guys do is just so much more action packed and entertaining than us. I want us doing flips and spins already and combo it up with a long ten.

TV: This takes time young grass Hopper, you must be patient. Just lead the revolution and “DO IT!” How has surfing ruined your life? What do you do when your not a prune?

TE: I usually put surfing before anything important in my life, so in return I'm an extreme procrastinator. I'll surf at night, be tired and go to bed, and then get up at 5 to write an essay or whatnot. Up until recently, I enjoy skateboarding when I'm bored but I was just in the hospital for it, so we're not really friends anymore. I also like to make vases on a lathe back at home. "wood turned segmented vases," Google it. OH and I watch movies with your Netflix account!

TV: Yeah you got super bloody after airing outta that backyard mini ramp. As far as my Netflix account goes I've never seen someone be so into nip tuck. You are full on addicted to that show. I think It’s the sexual tension, nudity, blood and money that keeps you coming back for more. Top 3 most played Artist on your Ipod? Anyone that knows you, knows your an “Appaholic” as well.

Travis Heels Ass Over
Photo: S.Thomas

TE: How about artists cause I jump around a lot? Felt, Black Keys, Yelle. I’m so addicted to apps it's kinda sad. Once I'm home that's all I do. It doesn't matter how lame it might look, I'll be into it. Look up "Pocket Frogs", got to level 16 today and I just downloaded Superfall. It's free today, you should get it.

TV: Man you are so lame, but your Ipod always has the sickest techno songs. You can learn a lot about someones personality by what their favorite Youtube/Vimeo video is, would you mind sharing?

TE: I'm really into stop motion videos, animated videos, and like cannon 7d slow-motion stuff but that's all on's my top three. grand finale is a tie between 2 and 3.




TV: My Favs are:

Tommy Witts 720 thing is hectic.

I’m always game for kicking babies!

Duh i’m not a girl!!

Travis Nice Walk Up The Beach So Pretty.
Photo: S. Thomas

TV: If you had a million dollars how would you spend it?

TE: Buy a better car, pay for school, travel a little bit and then invest the rest wisely. I'm sure that was the answer you were looking for. I watched this documentary, "We Live in Public" where this guy got rich off the Interweb in its infancy and hired all these people to live in this secluded underground building where they couldn't leave but had access to anything. They even had a shooting range. But they had no privacy, a camera was always on them. The cops thought it was a cult and broke the thing up but it looked nuts! I would totally do some creepy experiment like that.

TV: Yeah if I had a million dollars I would stick to the more simple things in life, like Cocaine and hookers. Maybe some traveling to surf and to do cocaine and hit international hookers. Have you traveled the world at all? Do you have any crazy international stories?

TE: Tahiti, South Africa, Thailand, and I got Nicaragua coming up in month or so. Thailand was pretty gnarly. We watched that kickboxing fight at that transvestite bar and the girls or guys or shims started getting naked and dancing up on you whenever there was a knockout. I'm glad we destroyed those pics before we got on U.S. soil.

TV: Deleting those pics was one of my better judgement calls; and for that night, Well lets just say I let the tiger out of the cage that night. There’s only four witnesses and lets keep it that way. When and where was the biggest wave you ever rode, or ate shit on?

Mr. Edwards Fly like a bird. We all know Bird is the word
Photo: S. Thomas

TE: When I was 14 or 15 I went to surf the North Shore for the first time. I had some 5'9 super thin board with me and I remember the newspaper said the waves were like 12-14 feet. I went to paddle out at Sunset and the lifeguard stopped me and said not to go but somehow I convinced him it was ok. I paddled like a mile out there and realized it's kinda big. I couldn’t get enough speed to catch anything super big but I got frustrated after getting only 2 and tried for the first wave of this set and just drilled. I got hung up at the top with the lip and just jumped. I got held under for two waves and came up without a track top. I panicked real good.

TV: Edwards would go. Favorite beverage to consume? Give me both alcoholic and non alcoholic? don’t be ashamed if its a foo foo girly drink I totally support those. They are so progressive!

TE: I know you're super into your froo froo stuff but I am happy with just a cold Bluemoon. maybe two. I've been on a pretty big Rootbeer kick lately.

TV: Yeah I feel ya on the blue moon. This is just a warning to all the women reading this, if you're around Travis and you get the “eye” your in big trouble cause you're gonna be lip locking. Shot out of a cannon: Alana Blanchard, Kassia Meador, Daize Shayne. You gotta marry one, break up with one, and knock boots with one?

TE: Sorry Alana but we need to break up. Daize and I are getting married and Kassia will get an invite to the honey moon.

TV: Hooofa, that's probably a good call, Didn’t think you’d be into the older ladies though.If it were me I’d have to dump Daize, white chicks don’t age well “usually” there are exceptions. Marry Kassia and Alana’s gonna get “it”.

T21 racing on the nose to make the section.
Photo: S. Thomas

TV: If you could travel back in time and have tea and crumpets with anyone who would it be?

TE: Anyone high up on the chain in Lockheed Martin. I'd be asking them non stop questions about aliens and stuff. I've always been curious but even more so now that Steven Thomas got me addicted to that Serpo website.

TV: Your never gonna get laid after that answer. What are your accomplishments as a logger?

TE: I don't have any really. I got second to Taylor Jensen the other day at the San Onofre contest, It was a good underdog moment, but even then I'm just first loser hahah.

Travis making his way around the house.
Photo: S. Thomas

TV: Wow, that's pretty gnarly. What kinda board are you shredding on now days?

TE: You'll probably see me on my 9' Wavetools High Proing it. I also got an Alter 9'1 that is fun at church for some tip time. Hey ever notice that it's "high pro" instead of "high per"? From high performance hence the PER?

TV: That is a good observation. You’re a real witty young man. This was my first interview how did I do?

TE: You did great, I feel thoroughly exploited and somewhat embarrassed. Congratulations.

TV: Thanks man! There You have it folks the interesting, witty, disco surfer in a nutshell. Look for him in your local lineup say hello he’s a real swell guy.

Tim and Travis BFFs
Photo: S. Thomas

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Skip Frye

Skip Frye and Jed Noll
Photo: Steve Thomas

Check out Skips Fancy footwork
Photo: Steve Thomas

Skip loved the planer and ended up getting the Accurate JN1 Longbed.
Photo: Steve Thomas

The Hands of Skip. These hands have shaped so many boards that have made so many people happy.
Photo: Steve Thomas

Jed, Donna Frye and Skip Frye
Photo: Steve Thomas

Jed Breaks down the features of the Accurate Planer
Photo: Steve Thomas

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Mystery Knitter Strikes Noll Surfboards & Gallery

I came to work this morning and as I open the doors I noticed the poll next to the shop had a knitted black and white striped poll wrap with a green Owl. Who is this masked avenger? We thank you mystery knitter. Your Creativity brought us stoke.

Photo: Steve Thomas

The Mystery Knitter Reviled. Photo: Steven Thomas