Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Stuff

Here's a few photos recently taken of me by Mr. Franks. If you want to see more of Daniel franks photos go to or his blog at

Photos: Daniel Franks

On the crouch

I just busted up my nose

San O Nose Ride

Black White stay high

Boob bash roundy

Little Nose
Photo: N. Moskos

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Noah and Steve’s San O Tuesday 6/23/09

Photos:Daniel Franks
Words&Photos:Steve Thomas

This week Noah and I stepped it up and had a little BBQ. The Guys at Ocean and Earth Let us use their EZ Up tent and Noah brought a Q. I went to La Tendita in San Clemente and got this bomb marinated chicken and carne and we had tacos and BBQ quesadillas which Dustin Franks and his life partner Heather Rose showed me how to make. Daniel Franks came down and took some photos and my buddy Jorge Salas (super bad ass photographer) came to the beach with his two little buddy’s River and Zane. Steve Newton came to the beach to surf and just started destroying it out there. Man that kid can Longboard. What’s more Bonga Perkins was at the beach surfing, which was pretty cool to watch. The surf was fun and the food was great. God I love beach Days.

Noah back side nose ride
Photo: Steve Thomas

Noah Shimabukuro
Photo: Steve Thomas

Photo:Steve Thomas

Bonga Perkins San O nose ride
Photo: Steve Thomas

Noah on the grill
Photo Steve Thomas

Unidentified at the point
Photo: Steve Thomas

Dustin Franks and Life partner Heather Rose cheer leading.
Photo: Steve Thomas

Steve Newton back hand turn
Photo: Daniel Franks

Steve Thomas Kicking out
Photos:Daniel Franks

Me on the most micro nose ride in the world
Photo: Daniel Franks

Steve Newton moody nose ride
Photo: Daniel Franks

Me with a little roundy
Photo: Daniel Franks

Steve Newton This kid kills in on a longboard
Photo: Daniel Franks

Little river and his new Jed Noll Surfboard
Photo: Steve Thomas

Need to eat
Photo: Steve Thomas

River Up and Riding
Daniel Franks

Noah on the nose
Photo: Daniel Franks

Daniel Franks bad ass surf photog doing a little surfing before shooting
Photo: Steve Thomas

Friday, June 12, 2009

Relish - Great Appreciation Of Something from Taylor Larison on Vimeo.

A 2 minute film for the Surfrider Foundation San Diego chapter.