Thursday, April 30, 2009

Meet Joe Stasney, Architect, Surfer, Collector, Bad Ass

Interview and Photos By: Steve Thomas

Recently I met Joe Stasney at Jed Noll Surfboards and Gallery in San Clemente. He came in to check out the shop and order some boards. As conversation evolved, I came to find out that Joe has been collecting Greg Noll’s boards here and there for a while and was looking to add to his collection. He asked me if Greg would sign one of his vintage boards. I told him I’d ask Jed Noll to talk to his Dad and see if he could get Greg to come down to the shop. Naturally Greg was happy to check the board out and sign it.

Having had the experience of seeing people bring in old boards for Greg to sign, I thought the board was going to be the usual broken down old board that wasn’t anything much to speak of. The kind of situation where the signature was worth more than the actual board itself. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some real amazing boards that people have asked Greg Noll to look at and sign. But I hadn’t seen something I’d actually want to ride that was in excellent condition. Boards are very subjective to surfers. I’m sure you can relate as a surfer. Some boards do it for some and not for others. The board Joe brought into the shop was my kind of girl. Good outline, a nice bottom, personality, not too flashy, wrapped up in natural beauty. The board was clean with a good weight. The thing just felt like it would ride well. I decided to ask Joe a few questions about the board as well as his surfing past. Below are a few pictures with Joe and Greg and the Noll family. Also some pictures with his new limited addition Balsa Da Cat with Koa rails. A nice addition to Joe's Collection.

ST: So Joe, where and when and how did you get the board?

JS: I acquired the board from a guy in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. So yep, it's a Jersey board.

ST: do you know how old it is?

JS: Not quite certain on the age, although from the Logo style it's an early 60's vintage

ST: What’s the significance of the board to you.

JS: It's one of my favorites. I was looking for a slot-bottom, primarily because of it's uniqueness in design. The philosophy behind the slot adding to control is fascinating.

ST: How long have you been surfing?

JS: Been surfing since I was 12. We don't need to talk about how many years ago that was, but yes foam boards were being used!

ST: Where did you grow up surfing?

JS: I grew up on the east coast, and yes, we did have surf. Surfed mostly Ocean City and Long Beach Island (variety of spots).

ST: Where do you surf primarily now?

JS: Primary surf spot now is The Point at San O. Just enough character in the break to make it interesting. Also surf at Doheny, Cardiff Reef, and Blackies.

ST: When was the first time you heard of Greg Noll and or his boards?

JS: When I was growing up in New Jersey in the sixties.

ST: What is it about Greg Noll surfboards that drives you to collect?

JS: Greg's overwhelming desire to ride the biggest and best waves with complete abandon is infused in his boards. The logo, his approach to surfing, just kind of makes it all seem right.

ST: How many Greg Noll's do you have?

JS: Well, let's see, the ones the wife knows about - 6. All total after this summer - 9.

ST: What do you think about Greg passing the Craft torch on to his son Jed?

JS: The aspect of a father sharing his craft with his son just doesn't get any better. It's a special gift that isn't seen very much anymore and should be cherished.

ST: Tell me what your impression on Jed and his craftsmen ship

JS: Jed's got the spark that his Dad had and with his careful approach and attention to details/history, he's on his way to staking a spot in the best of craftsman.

ST: What do you think of Jed Noll surfboards and gallery?

JS: The shop steps up and makes a shop statement. Surfboards, a place to see 'em, a place to talk about 'em and a gallery that speaks to the quality of handmade elements of art. The atmosphere makes it a place you want to be, a place that talks about surfboards without a word being said. Good job guys!

The board Joe had signed

The proof that Greg Noll signed the board

The offical hand shake

Joe and the Noll Family with his New 9’2” Da Cat surfboard made of Balsa with Koa rails - Limited edition of 50 made. Hand signed by Mickey Dora and Greg Noll on the deck, hand signed and numbered by Greg Noll on the bottom.

Pictorial Perspective Trailer

By Taylor Larison
Birdman Media

Pictorial Perspective - (surf)trailer #2 from Taylor Larison on Vimeo.
Surfing is not based on which particular board you use, but rather the experience that you gain from it. There is no correct manner in which a surfboard should be ridden; it is just the feeling gained which holds the most importance. Since the advent of shortboard surfing, longboarding has become the ugly step-child of the surfing world. This film will attempt to crush the current stereotypes by investigating an array of longboard equipment, ranging from light-weight, high performance tri-fins to more traditional, single fin noseriders. Ultimately, the story will reveal how longboarding is beginning to gain acceptance and positive influence in the surfing community and beyond.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Water Shot Photo: Daniel Franks

Here’s a photo taken of me recently at Middles in my new home of San Clemente California. It was super fun that day.

The Nolls Meet The Longs

The next day after the Billabong XXL awards father Steve, and sons Greg, (winner of the best ride of the year, Billabong XXL awards) and Rusty Long along with some friends came by Jed Noll Surrfboards and Gallery to talk a little story with Greg and Jed Noll. Here’s a Few Photos.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jed Noll Surfboards and Gallery

Words by: Ben Marcus
Photos by:Steve Thomas
Truks Photo by: Dave Nielsen

To celebrate the Grand Opening of Jed Noll's surf shop in San Clemente, his proud parents Greg and Laura Noll beat on the redwood wireless, which connected with the Coconut Wireless and sent out an invitation that apparently no one could refuse. On a fresh spring afternoon in April - the 4th to be exacto - Jed Noll's surf shop at 1705 North El Camino Real in San Clemente was the place, and the faces included none other than Phil Edwards and C.R. Stecyk, Paul Naude, Bruce and Dana Brown and entourage, L.J. Richards.

The Scandinavian countries were represented by the brothers Aaberg - Kemp and Denny and also Karl Ekstrom and a large number of tall attractive blondes.

The literati were there in the form of Chris Ahrens and Paul Holmes while the intellectual museum types were there in force. The board of directors from the California Surf Museum included President Jim Kempton, co-founder Jane Schmauss, Secretary/ Art director Tara Lee Torburn, Advisor/founder of Tracker Trucks/founder of Transworld Larry Balma, Architect for new location/board of director Louise Balma, Tom Glenn, curator of our Skatboard exhibit Dale Smith, staff Todd Quinn and Julie Cox.

Also, just about everyone from the Surfing Heritage Foundation: Dick Metz, Spencer Croul and Tom Pezman.

Jeff Divine was talking about being a friendly drunk with Allen and Colton Sarlo while Garrett McNamara and Jeff Ho, Joe Curren listened and smiled quietly to themselves.

Leroy Grannis rolled in on a wheelchair with his entourage and, WHAT OTHER NAMES WERE THERE?

Wingnut came from as far away as Santa Cruz and because Jed Noll is quiet and red-haired like his mom, and didn't realyy inherit (yet) the BS-gene from pops, Wingnut took the microphone as Master of Ceremonies and welcomed one and all to the Grand Opening. Wingnut gave Special Guest props to Leroy Grannis for making the show and then: "CAN WINGNUT RECAP WHAT HE SAID, AND THE TOOLS FROM RICH HARBOUR ETC"

The farthest traveled was probably Jed's Japanese distributor, Mune Takehana and Jed's team riders included Joe and Jordan Aaron, Steven Thomas, Bobby, Julie Cox, Lance W., and Shilo Steinthall.

Several hundred guests mixed and mingled from the biker bar next door, through Jed's shop lined with surfboards made of hardwoods and the best plastics, and through the back, where there were free Primos and Mexican food, and a surprisingly large crowd.

One can only hope that the crowd for the Grand Opening will be the shape of things to come. Jed's shop will offer surfboards Jed Noll Surfboards including all the foam pro models-Joe Aaron, Steve Thomas, Jule Collection, accessories from Ocean and Earth accessories and Scott sandals, books, wood boards, art.

Shaping appointments will be available for custom boards made of woods and plastics. Jed is also selling high-quality fishing reels out of there and will be distributing balsa.

Jed Noll Surfboard is at 1709 North El Camino Real in San Clemente, across from the abandoned theater.

Please feel free to stop on by or call if you have any questions.

Phone: 949-369-6500

The Front

Side Wall Front

Hall of Riders

Zee Gallery

More of Zee Gallery

The Trunks

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mexico Photos: S. Thomas

Here are a few images I've taken in Mexico.

This lady can cook and has a really nice... well that's between me and her

Restaurant point of view

I will eat that cow

Lizard King

I looked for God here but he wasn't there...shit

Restaurant point of view 2

This Donkey has a huge Dick... Just calling it like i see it.

This image reminded me of something out of Vietnam

This is what happened to the cow...then i cooked her up and ate her and she was good

Living large