Friday, October 31, 2008

Quick So-Cal Trip.

Photos by: Daniel Franks

I went down to So-Cal a few weeks ago. The waves were small but fun. Here are a few photos of me taken by Daniel Franks.

High Noon at T-Street

Evening Spray little Lowers

T-Street is pretty fun.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Harely Ingleby Possibly the Next World Champ

Words and interview by: Steve Thomas
Photos: by Moonwalker

I was confused: I’d heard that Harley Ingleby was the Longboarding World Champion. Then I found out that Oxbow had coughed up some more dough and is now putting on a final leg of the Longboard World Championship tour in San Clemente Ca at a little beach called San Onofre. So it’s still yet to be decided.

Well, I hope Harley wins because he’s my kind of Longboarder. He can ride all types of boards, from long to short, very well. Also, it seems that he’s not picky when it comes to women’s features and has been known to say the C world from time to time like a good Australian should (I think its their god given right and I’m pretty sure it says that in the bible).

Soon we will find out if Harley is going to be the true world champion. But for now were going to find out his hopes for the longboard tour and some generalizations Australians make about Americans and what hell “get a root” means. So read on and familiarize yourself with the next (very possibly, really hopefully) world champion of longboarding.

ST: Where are you from?

HI: I’m born and bred on the north end of the Coffs Coast, NSW, OZ

ST: Are you the world longboard champ or what?

HI: I’ll let you know in 2 weeks, haha. No, it’s great Oxbow has stepped it up and given longboarding a multiple event world championship this year. I think it’s really great for the sport.

ST: What are your hopes for the Longboard tour in the future?

HI: I think in a perfect world for our sport we should have three events. One in a good big wave spot, one in a quality beach break like Lowers and maybe another at a great point. That way you would get a good, all around world champ. I think if there were many more events than that there might be a lot of longboarders that would struggle with the costs of a bigger tour.

ST: What have you been riding the most lately?

HI: I’d have to say my Robert August quad fish. Even when it’s been well over-head.

ST: Is it true that Vegemite was used by Hermes and Aphrodite as a lubricant when conceiving Atlantius? This Aussie told me that but I’m not sure if it’s true.

HI: Haha na mate, they are definitely pulling your leg there. They used Fosters.

ST: I knew that guy was lying, son of a…

ST: Hobbies?

HI: A bit of golf. That’s about it, really. Maybe the occasional skate.

ST: I like roller skating, too.

ST: What is your idea of good longboarding?

HI: Anyone that can make something hard look really easy, whether that’s big turns or nose rides.

ST: What are some generalizations that Americans make about Aussies?

HI: The most common that I hear on a daily basis here would have to be that we drink Fosters. I honestly can’t remember ever seeing that crap on tap at home - haha. Which I guess leads to the generalization that we are all a bunch of alco’s…

ST: Well thanks for clearing that up for me because I feel right at home with alco’s (as you say) and now I don’t know how welcome I’ll feel in OZ. Shit!

ST: What are some generalizations that Australians make about Americans?

HI: You are all loud and obnoxious, you’d use a shotgun to kill a mosquito, that you’re all soft (e.g. Your football players wear pads), what else?? Haha.
I think a lot of Aussies that haven’t been here look at Americans the same way you generalize Middle Americans: you’re all a bunch of rednecks.

ST: That’s actually 100% accurate. We love shooting stuff that’s small with oversized weaponry in helmets and pads while yelling,“WE’RE SO GREAT! LOOK AT HOW GREAT WE ARE! GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!” I think if the world would view us (Americans) as teens with a bad case of narcissism, followed by a heavy case of insecurity, with a dash of an inferiority complex, then maybe the world would understand a little better.

ST: Do you get shit for longboarding in your country by other surfers?

HI: Not really. Well not in an aggressive way anyway.

ST: That’s funny because I’ve been getting shit my whole life for longboarding. Maybe it’s just me.

ST: How many surfboards do you have?

HI: Well in my general quiver I have 7 shortboards, 10 longboards and my Alaia. But in my house there are well over 100 old boards in my dads collection which I drag out every now and then.

ST: What’s the size range in your quiver?

HI: 5’9 – 10’

ST: What are your favorites out of your quiver?

HI: Probably my two quads. Between my quad fish and quad shortly I can enjoy anything from 1ft mush to good 8ft waves, which we rarely get.

ST: Who is the hardest guy to beat on the LB tour?

HI: For me, I think Mouse (Mathew Moir). In the 4 or 5 times I’ve surfed against him I don’t think I’ve beaten him. He’s super fast and consistent.

ST: Just put a roofie in his cheese. That should do the trick.

ST: Do you say “cunt” all of the time? We don’t get to say “cunt” in America like you guys do.

HI: Why not who’s stopping you?? Haha - I’d be lying if I said I never ever say it but it’s definitely one for special occasions. It’s a pretty horrible word.

ST: It is a horrible word. I just thought that it was a great conversation starter in OZ. Thanks for clueing me in. However, do the women in Australia say “cunt” all of the time?

HI: Mate, if your girl is saying cunt all the time you know you’re on a winner.

ST: Thanks Harley, now I know what to look for in a woman. I’ll post that on and see what comes up. Lets see, the ad would go something like this:

Man seeks woman who enjoys long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners, romantic movies and, oh yeah I almost forgot to mention it, likes to say cunt!

I’ll let you know how that turns out.

ST: When women in Australia say, “Hey I need a good root” are they referring to a man’s lower abdominal member (or “dick” in laymen terms) as a part of some sort or tree or radish?

HI: I never really thought of where that term came from before but I recon that’s a pretty good guess. Only problem is I think guys use it more. “Ya get a root??” In which case, that wouldn’t really work. So, no.

ST: Maybe Australian guys should start saying, “Did ya plant your root?”

ST: Were you named after a motorcycle?

HI: I get this one a lot. Na, my olds aren’t closet Hells Angels or anything. I’m pretty sure they just liked the name.

ST: Shit, I thought that was an original question. There I go again thinking I’m so unique on my little unique island of questions. It is a pretty bad-ass name.

ST: Where is your favorite place to surf out of your country?

HI: Indonesia. It’s got a similar variety of waves to OZ and it’s cheap as chips.

ST: So what you’re saying is I can use a bag of Doritos or some French fries as currency to get to Indo?

ST: T or A? (Tits or Ass)

HI: I guess it just depends if the girl is walking towards or away from me. And after that comment they are probably mostly walking away.

ST: No, they’ll just walk sideways towards you.

ST: Sponsors?

HI: Golden Breed clothing, Robert August surfboards, FCS, Gorilla Grip.

ST: What kind of music do you listen to?

HI: Punk, rock, alternative - most stuff, I guess, that’s actually played by a band and not by a nerd on a computer. I’ve never been into rap, hip hop, techno or that sort of shit.

ST: I went thru this phase were I wore my rash-guards to clubs and listened to techno. I was doing a lot of drugs at the time but I’m past that now. Please don’t judge me. I’m a good guy. You’ll see.

ST: Who’s your favorite surfer?

HI: I have a few at the moment. Parko, Andy, Bonga, Dane Reynolds, Jordy Smith.

ST: Who’s your favorite longboarder?

HI: Bonga.

ST: Me too.

ST: I heard surfing is a big deal in Australia. For instance, if you’re Mick Fanning you’re a rock star in Australia. So my question is: you’re the world champ in longboarding, so do you get a ton of shiny hot ten ass for your statues or fat chicks with type two diabetes (sorry, I know type two diabetes is not really funny) like the longboarders in the states do? Be Honest!

HI: On the longboard groupy scale from playboy mates to big girls with type two, I’d have to say the later like here in the states. Actually I think you guys do a lot better than us on that one.

ST: What, like type three?

ST: Let’s do some quick Do’s and Don’ts for a surfer traveling in Australia:

ST: Don’t make eye contact with a kangaroo.

HI: I wouldn’t get in an up close staring match with a big male.

ST: Do you go to a random bar and invite an Australian to come stay over your house in the states as long as they want?

HI: A few friends I have here would now say don’t.

ST: Well, if you’re ever in my neck of the woods (by my neck of the woods I mean my neck of the woods) you have a place to stay.

ST: Anything you want to say to your fans?

HI: Hi, mum n dad

ST: If your mum n dad read this they probably won’t like you anymore.

ST: I just want to say I’m a big fan and I hope you keep it up. Thanks for your time.

HI: Thanks mate. I’ll be trying. Hopefully see ya in OZ sometime.

ST: Thank you. I hope you win the worlds. I’ll be rooting for you. Well, I’m sure you’re capable of rooting for yourself. Well, you know what I mean.

Driving backside.

That looks fun.

tube man or boob man?

Vegemite backhand long-dong snap.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dustin "Big D" Franks

Interview by: Steve Thomas

If you want to talk about a multi-talented and hugely marketable diamond-in-the-rough, then Dustin Franks is the guy to talk about. Coming into the surf scene on a longboard, his ability transcends all sizes and shapes really well. What’s more, the guy is a phenomenal musician and not to shabby on the art tip. Well that’s all fine and good, but the best thing about Dustin is he is a straight up and down good guy. If you walk around his hometown of San Clemente, California, you will see that he is truly loved by his community. All walks of life know Dustin and he takes the time to know what’s going on with each and every one. The rad-ist part is that when this kid plays in his town he packs the house. I only wish there were more people like Dustin Franks in the world. Here is a long Q&A on D. Franks so you all can get to know him a little bit better. Make sure and check his space at so you can listen wile you read. Now Read!

ST: Last memorable wave

DF: I had a couple of gems on our last trip to Nicaragua that I managed to remember. The memorable ones are usually left tubers.

ST: Favorite food après surf

DF: I’ve been trying to get on the health kick, so I guess I’ve gotta lie and say a good wrap or veggie burrito.

ST: Do you think you could pray the gay away?

DF: I went to Catholic school from kindergarten through junior high. I know they sure as hell wanted me to think so. But, no, I don’t think you can.

ST: Breast fed of ass fed?

DF: Neither. What is ass feeding, Steve?

ST: Coffee, tea or me?

DF: I am my Mother’s son. She’s drank about 4 pots of black coffee a day for as long as I can remember. I closely followed suit.

ST: Black or with milky substance?

DF: Hot and black, baby!

ST: Does your family surf?

DF: My whole family surfs, some more than others. I think Mom’s in a close second behind me as far as water time is concerned.

Did your grandma surf?

DF: Definitely not.

ST: Describe your surfing.

DF: Errr…. I definitely took to the smoother, no bells and whistles approach. I always looked up to guys like Tudor and Curren and tried to emulate them, but have failed miserably.

ST: Do you play music?

DF: Yes’m.

ST: Why?

DF: It’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing, so I just kept with it. I’m still a novice in terms of “real” musicians, not surfer/musician standards, so there’s always something to get better at. It can be super challenging and frustrating, or the most therapeutic and relaxing thing in the world. I usually bounce between the two. Music makes people feel different things though, and I’ve always really admired how good music can impose a feeling upon other people. I’d love to get to the point where I could make something that has that same effect. I’ve got a long ways to go, so I’ve just tried to keep getting better, and it’s been a lot of fun.

ST: What are you working on right now?

DF: I’m almost done with a full length album. The opportunity to spend some time recording fell in my lap so I kind of pieced together enough material to make a record and worked with a very talented friend of mine. We traded off on computer and instrumental duties and made it work. It took a couple of months, but it eventually felt done. Now it’s just in the final stages, getting mixed and mastered and all the finishing touches.

ST: What kind of music bums you out?

DF: Over produced pop.

ST: What kind of music awakens the beast inside?

DF: I get absolutely fired up over good live music. The Replacements are probably my all time favorite band, although I missed my window to see them live. That’s what I would probably throw on if I wanted to get psyched.

ST: Tits or ass?

DF: I pay attention to inner beauty, Steve.

ST: Are you a showoff?

DF: I like performing well, so yeah, I suppose so.

ST: Do you wish you were an Olympic gymnast?

DF: If there wasn’t any sort of work involved in it, sure.

ST: Do you wish your girl friend was?

DF: That would probably mean she would have to be a 15 year old, disproportioned Asian girl, so, no.

ST: Have you ever partied with a midget (correct term: small person)?

DF: I was at a party that Wee Man was at once, but didn’t get a chance to say hello. I’m still looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

ST: Commando or bathing suit?

DF: Does commando mean naked? I’ll go with bathing suit if so. I feel bad for anyone who has to gaze upon my bare ass.

ST: Why do they call you big D?

DF: Because it’s ironic.

ST: Is Franks your real last name or your stage name?

DF: Real deal.

ST: How old were you when you went big potty by yourself.

DF: 14

ST: Why do you Longboard?

DF: I’ve always been pretty lanky. I guess I just felt awkward on proper shortboards. They don’t really fit my style. I’m also pretty lazy.

ST: Do you have your own blog?

DF: Yeah, but it’s still barren.

ST: Sponsors (besides mom and dad)?

DF: Hobie Surfboards.

ST: You like trucks that drive in the desert or something. Tell me about it.

DF: I grew up spending lots of time driving around in Baja. You get beat to shit on the dirt roads and so I was always trying to build my trucks to make them a little more durable and that’s what the whole racing deal is all about down there. The cars are built to fly over 1000 miles of the most beat to hell terrain you could ever imagine. Racing is HUGE down there so you kind of get absorbed into it. A lot of the racing community is from San Clemente as well, and so I’ve always had friends that have been into it. I’ve ended up getting to go down for the races and help out a bit and ride in some cars every now and again since I was about 17. I’m a full fanatic now. It’s like my NFL.

ST: If you didn’t surf so much, what the else would you do?

DF: Bowl, drive around, maybe the occasional acid flashback.

ST: Mac or pc?

DF: Mac.

ST: iPhone or Blackberry?

DF: Whatever’s more durable.

ST: Norcal or socal?

DF: I’ve always called San Clemente home (SoCal), but I love going up north.

ST: What’s cencal?

DF: It sounds like a medication to stimulate erections, but I think what you’re referring to is the area from Point Conception to San Francisco Bay.

ST: And where is it?

DF: See above.

ST: I think I live there. Do I?

DF: Yes Steve.

ST: Dogs or cats?

DF: Dogs.

ST: Sneakers or shoes?

DF: Choose.

ST: Fullback or thong? Or nothing?

DF: Brazilian booty shorts.

ST: Bareback or saddleback?

ST: Bareback is for the Injuns.

ST: Giant Puerto or Mavericks?

DF: Both scare the living daylights out of me. If I had to pick one, I’d go with Mavs. At least there’s a channel there.

ST: Beach breaks or point break?

DF: If it’s hollow I’ll take a point.

ST: Chicken or beef?

DF: No red meat for this guy.

ST: Can you imagine being an Hipster vegan?

DF: I imagine it would suck.

ST: So you are a pro longboarder, what kind of art do you do?

DF: Avante garde fingerpainting layered with a multitude of mixed media. Usually things I collect out of the garbage from the local salvation army. It’s very organic in an urban sort of way.

ST: Favorite old skool surfer? 60’s long-donger

DF: Oh geez. I always thought Mike Hynson was a badass. I loved Carson’s noseriding, and then Nuuhiwa was a freak.

ST: Favorite new school surfer long-donger (don’t say me)

DF: Tudor.

ST: Any other sports?

DF: I played baseball religiously until I was 14 and hurt my arm.

ST: Did you play Tball?

DF: Yes.

ST: Did you lose?

DF: There’s no losers in T ball.

ST: Do you believe in magic?

DF: I’ve got a funny joke about that. Ask me next time you see me.

ST: How about aliens?

DF: The idea of aliens scares the shit out of me. My aunt lived in the same town where the abduction that the movie “Fire in the Sky” was based off of. She used to always try and get me to come up and I wouldn’t have it.

ST: Are we the only life form in our galaxy?

DF: Didn’t they find some sort of bacteria on Mars?

ST: What’s your token animal?

DF: I was born in the year of the dog, so I’ll go with that.

ST: If narwhals exist, why can’t unicorns?

DF: I actually captured and am dating a Jewnicorn.

ST: What’s under your bed?

DF: Hell if I know.

ST: How many surfboards do you have?

DF: Probably around 30 or so. I get a chubby over surfboard design.

ST: What sizes? From smallest to biggest.

ST: Everything from a 5’5’ fish to an 11’ glider.

ST: Of all of the surfboards that you have, which ones do you like/how many to you actually ride?

DF: I’ve only got a couple that I’m not really overly-fond of. I usually try and weed out the stinkers and replace them pretty quickly. I’ve got a bunch of boards that are definitely condition specific that I don’t really get to often but that I love having. I’ve got a beautiful 9’2” Ron House gun that I’m absolutely in love with that I’ve only gotten to ride probably 3 times in the 4 years I’ve owned it. I’ve got a 9’9 Terry Martin noserider that works realllllly good but only in very clean and lined up 1-4 foot surf. I’ve got a 6’9 widow maker that is one of my pride and joys that I break out when the surf gets big and clean around home. I’ve got an 11’0 glider makes it out for paddling exercise and when the surf looks like crap. I always have fun on that board. It’s really fast and actually turns on a dime, surprisingly.
My day to day boards for the past year or so have been a 5’10 quad fin, a pulled in 7’ egg with a rakey middle fin and tiny little side-bites, and a 9’4 log that has knifey rails that I pulled off the rack in Hobie. Between those three you can pretty much surf anything no matter how big or small and always be pretty well equipped.

ST: Being Fabulous: Ach-ya or nich nich?


Joel Tudor giving Dustin the Clap as he nose rides on by. Photo:P.Trefz

Little backhand tube at a point never hurts. Photo:Moonwalker

Big D singing his song. Photo:S.Thomas

Starting high going low. Photo:Moonwalker

Floating. Photo:Daniel Franks

Shade. Photo:Daniel Franks

Harmonize. Photo:S.Thomas

Barrels,Barrels,Barrels. Photo:Daniel Franks

Nride. Photo:Moonwalker

Friday, October 3, 2008

Justin "Huggy" Hugron

Words by: Steven Thomas
Photos by: Moonwalker

Justin Hugron is amazing: it’s sad that this guy is so underrated at surfing. I believe the best surfer is the one who can ride the different styles boards the best, and he’s got them all down. From a 6’2 standard three to the beach thruster to a 9’0 longboard, he can hold his own with the best. With soild style, speed, and grace, Justin turns heads when he’s surfing. From the car he drives to his political views to the boards he rides, he’s definitely not your typical hunting beach resident. To top it all of, he’s one of the nicest guys I know and rumor has it he parties with Lakers girls (who said nice guys finish last?) I dropped this interview on him to catch up and find out what’s behind his relentless ripping.

Last memorable wave

JH: I was surfing with my dad yesterday in front of our house and fully scraped my head on the bottom. I was doing a little foam climb and things went a little differently than I had pictured. Now I have a big scrape on my forehead. Definitely remember that wave.

ST: Maybe you should wear a helmet. I worry, you know.

Favorite food après surf

JH: Chipotle veggie burritos. They’re massive. I can barely eat one and Dodger inhales two chicken ones in one sitting. It’s pretty impressive.
ST: Dodger Kremel sounds like he can take down some big burritos.

Coffee, tea?

JH: Tea, decaff.
ST: Tea? What the F%$K! I can’t stand tea.

Black or with milk?

JH: Unsweetened.
ST: Just like you surf, straight up, no sugar. Well if it was coffee I’d be impressed but….

Describe your surfing and feel free to lie if you have to?

JH: People say I do cutbacks like Parko. I don’t know though, I like to go fast.
ST: Don’t sell your self short. Parko surfs like you. We got to work on that self confidence.

What Lines are you pushing right now?

JH: I’ve been repping Von Zipper for a couple years now and I just started to doing Rhythm too. So pretty much sunglasses and trunks.
ST: Yeah I checked out that Rhythm’s line. Those Aussies know what they’re doing. Oh, and thanks for those VZ sunnies.


JH: ‘Cause I got to put gas in the Prius and food on the table.
ST: Don’t we all. To bad your sponsors don’t realize how much of a diverse bad ass you are on a surfboard. You should be paid to surf.

T or A?

ST: A, fo-sho.

Hot Dogs or Tacos?

JH: That’s easy. Tacos.
ST: Remember that time I ate fifteen tacos in Baja at some random outdoors taco stand after we were in the desert surfing that right hand dream machine for five days? That’s probably one of my most favorite memories.

Describe your dream girl.

JH: She’s got an amazing sense of humor and has no problem laughing at herself or me. Gives good back scratches/massages, likes the outdoors, cuddling, and adventures. She’s got the best smile ever.
ST: Sounds like she is real.

White pants or black pants?

JH: Black pants.
ST: That’s what I’m wearing right now – its like were on the same plane of consciousness.

Are you a showoff?

JH: I don’t think so. At least, I try not to be,
ST: There’s a saying in the US, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”. In Japan it’s “The nail that sticks out of the fence gets hammered down.” Since you live in the US you had better start squeaking.

So you drive a Prius?
JH: Yes, it’s the best car ever. The things gets 50 mpg, my stand up paddle board fits inside, I’m reducing my carbon footprint, and whenever we go to Baja, someone else drives. I think if I didn’t sell Von Zipper and Rhythm, I’d sell Toyota Prius’.
ST: I want one, there just too much money.

Commando or bathing suit?

JH: Are we talking under my wetsuit, in the spa, or bronzing at the beach? There’s nothing under my wetsuit, the rest of the time I’m running trunks.
ST: I was talking about all of the above.

Why do they call you Huggy? Is it because you’re a hugger?

JH: Kinda. My last name is spelled H-U-G-R-O-N, so they just got the Hug from that. I’ve gotten Huggy Bear, Hugs, J-Hugs, etc. I do like to hug though,
ST: OK that makes sense. So you just like to hug it out.

Do you give big hugs?

JH:The biggest and best ones ever.
ST: Ever, ever?

Hip Hop or Maney Metal?

JH: Hip hop and some jazz too.
ST: I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop, a you don’t stop the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat…

Why do you Longboard?

JH: Cause it’s smooth and flowing, and there’s nothing like putting a 9’ board on rail.
ST: That’s what I’m saying but no one listens.

Do you have your own blog?

JH: Yep.
ST: Good


JH: Rhythm, Von Zipper, Stamps Surfboards, and Ocean & Earth
ST: I met the Stamps guy – he’s cool.

Lakers or Kings?

JH: I’m the biggest Laker fan ever. If you’re a Lakers hater; please stop reading this. Mark my words: Lakers world champs 2009.
ST: I’ll call my bookie and put some money down.

Mac or PC?

JH: MacBook
ST: Macbook pro.

iphone or Blackberry?

JH: I have this tiny white phone that AT&T gives you when you break yours. Its super basic, and I tell everyone that it’s the iPhone Nano. They all believe me.
ST: iPhone Nano. Idiots!

Dogs or cats?

JH: I’m allergic to cats.
ST: I just don’t like cats, sneaky little f@#kers.

Sneakers or shoes?

JH: What’s with all these questions about my weaknesses? I like sneakers. I have a couple pairs of them. Next question.
ST: Touchy, touchy.

Fullback or thong? Or nothing?

JH: I though this was suppose to be about surfing. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as there are no visible no panty-lines. Are you asking me these questions because I have a degree in fashion or because you’re trying to make me sound gay?
ST: Yes to all of that.

Bareback or saddleback?

JH: I’m not a cowboy.
ST: So, Indian style, which is bareback.

Leash or no leash?

JH: Never a leash. I take that back. I never wear leashes at home. I live in Huntington so when you lose your board it may wash up on the beach and gets all slimey, but it never gets dinged.
ST: I hate leashes especially when you’re longboarding. It bugs.

Giant Puerto or Mavericks?
JH: In my old age, I don’t think I really have any desire to surf either one. I’ve surfed Puerto pretty big and ended up breaking all my boards and getting stitches in the face. Add a full suit, booties, and some rocks into the equation; no thanks.
ST: So big San O. I bet you would kill it at Mav’s. I’ll go back out there if you go with me.

Beach breaks or point break?

JH: I grew up surfing dumpy beachbreaks, but its kinda nice to be able to do more than two turns on a wave. I’d go point breaks.
ST: I’ve seen you destroy it on a point break.

Can you imagine being an emo vegan?

JH: I think it’d be easier to be vegan than emo. I don’t eat red meat anyways. Is emo even around anymore? Kids were emo when I was in highschool. Are they still doing that?
ST: I think I’m thinking of Hipster.

So you are a pro longboarder, what kind of art do you do?

JH: I’m in a band. I’m a painter. I’m a photographer. I make films about surfing. I go to art shows 6 days a week, mostly to be seen and drink free booze, but I do appreciate the art. I put on fashion shows. I paint fixed-gears for people I meet on Craigslist. I cut up my clothes up so people know I’m creative. I drive a huge van that gets 5 miles to the gallon, so I can urban camp outside of the art shows and store all my entire retro quiver of logs and twin fins. I am very unique.
ST: That is really original and unique.

Favorite old skool surfer? 60’s long-donger?

JH: I think of Occy as old school and Curren as really old school. So either of them.
ST: Those two are rivals. I wonder if the like each other.

Favorite new school surfer long-donger?

JH: I guess I like guys that are great people and great surfers. I’d pick Joel Tudor, Noah Shimabukuro, Andrew Logrecco, and Dustin Franks. Wait, those are all goofy footers, I guess Bonga too.
ST: Bongo is probably the most well rounded longboarder there is. That guys a graceful freight train.

Any other sports?

JH: I like basketball, fishing, diving, cycling, snowboarding, running, and skating. Oh yea, and my friends and I are in a kickball league through the city of Huntington Beach. We’re actually really good. We’re trying to make it all the way to the kickball world series. We’re called The Blasters, so keep an eye out for us on ESPN.
ST: I don’t watch sports, I play them. I’d like to get a kick ball team going.

What’s under your bed?

JH: Some dust. I don’t really know.
ST: Try looking.

How many pairs of shoes do you have? (I’ll go first: I have six pairs.)

JH: I don’t know. I though we were done with these types of questions. Like fifty. I don’t count them or anything.
ST: That’s more than six. I’d better step it up.

How many surfboards do you have?

JH: Maybe 25 between here and the grandparents’ house in Hawaii. I see where you’re going with this. OK, I have twice as many shoes as I do surfboards. Something’s wrong here.
ST: Yeah, you kind of sound more like a pro skater than a surfer.

What sizes? From smallest to biggest.

JH: 9 ½ and 10’s. Oh surfboards. I got lots of stuff. 5’6” to 10. From 3 fins to 6. From quads to stand up paddlesboards.
ST: I know you got a SUP. Did you know Noah Shimabukuro is super good at SUP-ing?

Of all of the surfboards that you have, which ones do you like/how many to you actually ride?

JH: I have this little 5’8” double ender egg thing that’s is the best board I’ve ever ridden. Stamps calls it the skillet. I also like to ride 5’9” quads, 6’0 and 6’1” proper thrusters, 8’12” HP longboards, and some bigger logs and stand up boards when it’s completely flat.
ST: So you do have a SUP. I knew it.

Eating Chocolate all day: Ach-ya (yes) or nich nich (no)?

JH: This is fabulous. Ach-ya!!!
ST: Ach-Yaaaaa!!!

In the 60's they would call this a "Roller Coaster." Now its just called "The LB Lip Lover." I'm completly Serious right now.

Next time you give someone shit for Longboarding consider this.

Driving a Cadillac on a race track.

Then Turning that Caddi.