Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In Trim

Random Guy Set In Trim
Photo: S. Thomas

HotCurl's and Rincon

Words and Rides By: Steven Thomas
Photo By: Stephanie Vigiano

This Weekend I went down to Santa Barbra to go surf some small Rincon. I wanted to try this Redwood Hotcurl Jed made for us to ride. The challenge was unexpected. To simply pick a line and set trim was not an easy task for me, which made it more fun. I managed to get a few and my friend Stephanie Vigiano was nice enough to take some photos. I let this fella Kyle try out the board and he caught a few as well. I had a really great time and a new found respect for the guys that rode these boards back in the day. It was defiantly not as easy as it looks.

10'0" Redwood Hotcurl Made by Jed Noll
Photo By: Stephanie Vigiano

Set in Trim.
Photo By: Stephanie Vigiano

Finding that speed
Photo By: Stephanie Vigiano

I met this guy Kyle in the water. He was riding an Alaia and surfing pretty good on the thing. he started to ask me about the Hotcurl so i offered him a go. I wanted to see if it was hard for him as well or if i'm just not good at surfing a 60+ Pound wood board.

Photo By: Stephanie Vigiano

After a couple waves Kyle got this one and showed a lot of control. I sat and watch humbled. When he gave me the Hotcurl back I asked him if it was hard for him to surf. He said yes but i think he was just trying to make me feel better.

Photo By: Stephanie Vigiano

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lazy San Onofre Monday

Photos By: Steve Thomas


Bikini BeeBop Clicking Ten

Glimmering Rocks

Micro Five

Micro Heels

One Guy Goes in

Dustin Franks Goes Out

Dustin Franks Late afternoon Single Fin Cut Back Before Dinner