Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mitch Surman, Man that kid can Longboard

Interview By: Steve Thomas
Photos By: Ron Greene/SLIDE Magazine

Mitch Surman, one of Australia’s promising young Logboarders gives Nride a little insight in his life. I was watching Mitch disfigure this little shitty left on a crap day at San Onofre in California. He blew me away with the turns I saw. One thing I learned is if a surfer can kill it on a weak wave they can destroy it on good wave. Here's Mitch Surman raising the bar for the future of Longboarding.

ST: Is Mitch on your birth certificate or is it Mitchell? Come on give us your whole name.

MS: Yeah mate my full name is Mitchell Thomas Surman, born on the 12/11/1990 In Nabour Hospital Australia.

ST: So if you were a artsy fartsy Longboarder you would say, “Hi I’m Mitchell Thomas Surman singer, song writer and surf artist, can I paint something for you before I go for a surf?”

ST: How long have you been riding a longboard.

MS: Dad had me on the front of his longboard when I was about 5years old.

ST: So you were nose riding before you could even surf. That’s heavy.

Photos By: Ron Greene/SLIDE Magazine

ST: What’s your sign?

MS: Scorpio

ST: Here’s what I know about Scorpios

Don’t ever tell Scorpios they've had too much to drink, They'll sneer and keep drinking at you until they’re shit-can drunk. Scorpios like to drink and if you have a problem with that you can kiss the ass that the God of wine Bacchus gave them.

ST: Are you a big, (as we Americans say) Soccer fan or Rugby fan?

MS: Ha a big rugby fan. Can’t beat a good game of Rugby.

ST: Yeah that games crazy, something to do with a watermelon no pads and no condoms. Very unsafe, someone can get really hurt.

ST: Are you even old enough to drink or just by cigarettes and kill for your country.

MS: In Australia I’m old enough to have a few quiet beers as you have to be 18 to drink.

ST: “Quiet beers”, I’m pretty sure that’s a oxymoron.

Photos By: Ron Greene/SLIDE Magazine

ST: What’s your biggest accomplishment in Longboarding.

MS: Last year when I was 18 I was invited to compete in the World Longboard Titles, was a pretty big achievement.

ST: That’s a huge achievement man. You should be proud.

ST: Who are you riding for young Mitch?

MS: I am riding for Oxbow, On A Mission, Classic Malibu and Westpac bank.

ST: Cool man sounds like your getting the support you need to get where you want to be. You deserve it with your skills.

ST: Top three things you love?

MS: Riding a Longboard, Mates, and Friday arvo.

ST: Top three things you hate?

MS: Money, Work, Monday morning.

ST: I love Money ask anybody who knows me they’ll tell you all I talk about is how much I love the all mighty dollar. What’s more, there is nothing, I’ll repeat, NOTHING that excites me more than a Monday morning of work. It really gets me off. Just kidding I hate those things too.

Photos By: Ron Greene/SLIDE Magazine

ST: When I met you, you were riding a quad Longboard and just destroying these little waves at San O. I got to tell you I was pretty impressed. Is it true, “Once you go Quad you never go back” Why do you think that is?

MS: The Quads do go good I think they are much faster and I seem to be able to ride them better then a normal tri fin setup so I don’t think I will be going back anytime soon.

ST: I’ll have to give one a try it’s been years since I’ve had one but you’ve made them look like they work insane.

ST: Tell me, what made you start riding a long board vs. just going mainstream and riding your basic 6’2” three to the beach thruster?

MS: I kind of like it when you see 9 feet of board out of the water it looks so cool and the feeling to be able to do it is amazing. That’s why I love riding a longboard.

ST: On the same note do you find your self-riding high performance Longboards more that single fin Longboards?

MS: Yeah I’m pretty much always on a high performance longboard as I kind of get board riding the logs but I must say there still fun.

ST: Yeah a good log session never hurt nobody.

ST: Who’s your favorite Longboarder? Say me Say me Say me!!!!!

MS: Ha-ha my favorite would have to be Harley Ingleby or Josh constable.

ST: Nobody ever says me. NEVER!!!! Oh well Harley Ingleby and Josh Constable are pretty badass surfer dudes. I’d say those are good favs.

Photos By: Ron Greene/SLIDE Magazine

ST: So I like movies, books and TV shows about aliens and space ships and wizards and swords are you into any of that stuff or am I alone in the surfing world.

MS: No, I think your alone there mate.

ST: OK, just seeing if we have any outside interests in common. I guess we don’t. So sad.

ST: What do you expect to accomplish it the wide world of longboarding by the time your 25?

MS: I’m hoping to be able to win a world title.

ST: Shit man if you keep this up, keep your nose clean, and, keep it wrapped, my money says you’ll win the worlds before 25.

ST: I want to end it with this; do you eat poor defenseless kangaroos?

MS: Haha no way I couldn’t do that some people do but they usually have a screw loose.

ST: I’m glad to hear your not eating kangaroos or as I like to call them, “Horse-rabbits.” Thanks again Mitch. I appreciate your time and I’ll see you when you’re in Cali.

Photos By: Ron Greene/SLIDE Magazine


Scott Alter said...

this is by far the best interview ive ever read...five stars & two thumbs up! "horse rabbit" HA HA HA

Scott Alter said...

this is by far the best interview ive ever read...five stars & two thumbs up! "horse rabbit" HA HA HA