Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Big Wave Slayer's at Noll Surfboards & Gallery

The day before the 2010 Billabong XXL Awards, producer Paul Taublieb of Media X International and crew took over Noll Surfboards & Gallery in San Clemente to conduct interviews with Greg Noll and many of the nominees such as Greg Long, Rusty Long, Twiggy, Brian Conley, Ian Walsh, Ramon Navarro, and Makua Rothman for a show on ESPN that will air May 19thin the US. Sam George, co writer of “Riding Giants” and past editor of Surfer Magazine did most of the interviews securing strong content. All the surfers interviewed were confident that they were going to win and all of them deserved to. At the end of the day a few of the big wave slayers talked with Greg Noll and checked out his big wave gun he road that legendary day at Makaha in 1969. It was a day of days.

Photos and Words by: S. Thomas

Sam George starts with Greg Noll because that's were it begins.

Brian Conley sits and waits while Sam get ready

Sam George doing what he does.

I wonder whats Going through Greg Longs head while he holds the Smoking gun that Greg Noll fired at Makaha so long ago

I bet he's thinking, "I can ride this"

Ian Walsh and Greg Noll

Greg Noll talking story to the fearless youngsters, Rusty Long, Ian Walsh and Ramon Navarro.

Ian's Probably thinking the same thing Greg Long was thinking.

Three big wave riders one gun.

Ramon Navarro tripping out on the bottom of Greg Noll's old gun.

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