Friday, May 8, 2009

Wild California

Photos & Captions By: Moonwalker

Ashley Lloyd, Dane Perlee, and myself decided to go camping during a good swell in Norther California this winter of late. Check out some of the photos that Moonwalker took of our excursion.

A macking belt – no holds barred. Dane Perlee.

Low-tech ingenuity - Wetsuit/backpack combo. Why take more than you need?

Ashley Lloyd, tripping the tip.

Dane Perlee finds the spot.

Steve Thomas, seriously committed.

It’s out there – inviting lines.

Steve Thomas, back belt to the face.

Cruising the tip on a mellow morning – Shaper, singer, musician Ashley Lloyd.

Under canvas – back to the roots. Shades of Steinbeck and Kerouac abound in this raw atmosphere. Dane Perlee, Steve Thomas and Ashley Lloyd enjoy the shades of sunset.

If a wave barrels and no one’s around . . . does it still count?

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