Sunday, May 17, 2009

Whats up with Julie Cox?

Julie Cox Photo:BobTorrez

As a talented longboarder, surf coach, massage therapist, painter, freelance writer and photographer, Julie Cox travels the world catching inspiration from the waves.

Though she didn't start surfing regularly until she was 16, Julie remembers being entranced by the ocean as a little kid. She grew up in Agoura Hills, not far from the longboarder's paradise of Malibu, and soon became a local at Zuma and Leo Carrillo State Beach.

At UC Santa Cruz, Julie pursued a degree in Environmental Studies in tandem with a pro surfing career, and was soon offered a ROXY sponsorship. Though she enjoyed her degree, it was the surfing that stuck. The road hasn't been without its bumps. In 2002, Julie suffered a major injury while surfing Santa Barbara's legendary Rincon, and was out of the water for six months. Worried that it signaled the end of her surfing odyssey, she decided it might be time to take a "normal" career, so she pursued massage therapy. She loved making a difference in people's lives, but it only took one surf session to get her back in the water for good. Before her year of recovery was up, Julie was charging waves at Mexico's notorious Puerto Escondido.

Through surfing, Julie has gained confidence in her creativity, showing her art in exhibits all over California, and writing stories for various publications. As the latest merger of her two loves, she recently launched The Jule Collection with Jed Noll, a line of jewel-inspired women's surfboards that mixes her art and surf knowledge with his masterful shaping.

Julie loves the camaraderie of women's surfing as much as the sport itself. She credits many of the competitors, with Linda Benson as their mentor, for their collaborative efforts-together they built the momentum and the community for the Women's World Longboard Championship.

Now living in Oceanside, California, Julie will continue researching and developing the Jule Collection surfboard line, pursuing photography, and hopes to make a documentary film about the lives of the women longboarders.

Here's a little update on what Julie is doing now:

I got asked to be one of 2 surfers in a science and physics of surfing movie. I am the Longboarder in the film and Kyla Langen is the shortboarder. The movie will be 35 minutes long and will be distributed to science museums around the world. It will be in 3D, a first for a surfing film. We just completed our first shoot on Oahu and will be on an aggressive shoot schedule until it is done later this summer.
-Julie Cox

Another photo. Me during an interview scene in a Banyon tree forrest on Oahu.
Shot by James Human.

Kyla Langen and me. The 2 surfers in the movie.

Kim shooting Kyla Langen during her interview scene in the Banyon tree forrest.

Leah, Brandon, Nick shooting with RED cameras.

Diamond board resting on the coral while I jump off the rocks.

Me paddling over scuba divers who are shooting up at my silhouette during sunset at Waimea Bay.

If you want to check out Julies website it's

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