Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Mystery Knitter Strikes Noll Surfboards & Gallery

I came to work this morning and as I open the doors I noticed the poll next to the shop had a knitted black and white striped poll wrap with a green Owl. Who is this masked avenger? We thank you mystery knitter. Your Creativity brought us stoke.

Photo: Steve Thomas

The Mystery Knitter Reviled. Photo: Steven Thomas

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Nancy Sue said...

Hi Steve it's Mom. Like the poll sock. I think someone was really concerned about that poll getting cold or maybe she or he thought it could use a little color. What ever the case may be I think it to be very cool. I know what happen! A policeman spotted a granny speeding down the freeway while knitting and pulled alongside of her and with his bull horn he yelled "pull over" and the granny shouted back "no it's a scarf" So maybe that granny paid a visit.