Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jed Noll Surfboards and Gallery

Words by: Ben Marcus
Photos by:Steve Thomas
Truks Photo by: Dave Nielsen

To celebrate the Grand Opening of Jed Noll's surf shop in San Clemente, his proud parents Greg and Laura Noll beat on the redwood wireless, which connected with the Coconut Wireless and sent out an invitation that apparently no one could refuse. On a fresh spring afternoon in April - the 4th to be exacto - Jed Noll's surf shop at 1705 North El Camino Real in San Clemente was the place, and the faces included none other than Phil Edwards and C.R. Stecyk, Paul Naude, Bruce and Dana Brown and entourage, L.J. Richards.

The Scandinavian countries were represented by the brothers Aaberg - Kemp and Denny and also Karl Ekstrom and a large number of tall attractive blondes.

The literati were there in the form of Chris Ahrens and Paul Holmes while the intellectual museum types were there in force. The board of directors from the California Surf Museum included President Jim Kempton, co-founder Jane Schmauss, Secretary/ Art director Tara Lee Torburn, Advisor/founder of Tracker Trucks/founder of Transworld Larry Balma, Architect for new location/board of director Louise Balma, surfart.com/staff Tom Glenn, curator of our Skatboard exhibit Dale Smith, staff Todd Quinn and Julie Cox.

Also, just about everyone from the Surfing Heritage Foundation: Dick Metz, Spencer Croul and Tom Pezman.

Jeff Divine was talking about being a friendly drunk with Allen and Colton Sarlo while Garrett McNamara and Jeff Ho, Joe Curren listened and smiled quietly to themselves.

Leroy Grannis rolled in on a wheelchair with his entourage and, WHAT OTHER NAMES WERE THERE?

Wingnut came from as far away as Santa Cruz and because Jed Noll is quiet and red-haired like his mom, and didn't realyy inherit (yet) the BS-gene from pops, Wingnut took the microphone as Master of Ceremonies and welcomed one and all to the Grand Opening. Wingnut gave Special Guest props to Leroy Grannis for making the show and then: "CAN WINGNUT RECAP WHAT HE SAID, AND THE TOOLS FROM RICH HARBOUR ETC"

The farthest traveled was probably Jed's Japanese distributor, Mune Takehana and Jed's team riders included Joe and Jordan Aaron, Steven Thomas, Bobby, Julie Cox, Lance W., and Shilo Steinthall.

Several hundred guests mixed and mingled from the biker bar next door, through Jed's shop lined with surfboards made of hardwoods and the best plastics, and through the back, where there were free Primos and Mexican food, and a surprisingly large crowd.

One can only hope that the crowd for the Grand Opening will be the shape of things to come. Jed's shop will offer surfboards Jed Noll Surfboards including all the foam pro models-Joe Aaron, Steve Thomas, Jule Collection, accessories from Ocean and Earth accessories and Scott sandals, books, wood boards, art.

Shaping appointments will be available for custom boards made of woods and plastics. Jed is also selling high-quality fishing reels out of there and will be distributing balsa.

Jed Noll Surfboard is at 1709 North El Camino Real in San Clemente, across from the abandoned theater.

Please feel free to stop on by or call if you have any questions.

Phone: 949-369-6500

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